HARDWARE: CHROMEBOX; my experience


Samsung Chromebox Series 3 review

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The Chromebox does support dual-display output, but right now it will only mirror the desktop image to both displays, rather than extending a single operating environment across multiple screens. Again, the system chooses the output resolution automatically, in this case opting for the highest common resolution between both monitors.

Along with connecting a monitor to the Chromebox, you must also provide your own mouse and keyboard. That opens up a larger discussion about device compatibility, which is less of an issue for the Chromebook considering its built-in Webcam and input devices.

Six USB 2.0 ports on the system (two in front, four in back) imply broad support for the vast ecosystem of USB devices. I did not expect the Chromebox to support every esoteric peripheral, but I was also surprised by how quickly I found devices that didn’t work.

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MY experience mirrors the review with one big positive and one surprising negative.

Positive: This puppy doing gmail is FAST. Like an idiot savant, it renders web pages quick like a bunny.

Negative: I never realized how much I depend upon text expansion utilities. 

I’d buy a CHROMEBOOK to replace my obsoleted MACBOOKAIR. (That alone makes me a NEGATIVE Apple Fan Boy. What is the opposite of a FAN boy?)

So, I’m stuck. I am getting off the Apple “upgrade” treadmill. I’m burnt out on Microsoft problems. Not sure if Ubuntu will give me text expansion. 

Welcome to the “glue trap” or worse whatever.

Sorry, but CHROMEBOOK isn’t ready for me. BUT, if you have kids or old folks, it’s perfect and cheap!

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3 Responses to HARDWARE: CHROMEBOX; my experience

  1. Ahh! OK! I’ve never figured out how to do that to begin with on here. LOL! Dragon Speak has come in quite handy in relieving strains on my wrist over the last two years though, as has the MS Ergonomic 3k or 4k keyboard.


  2. What do you mean by “text expansion”? Being able to boldface or italicize print? Being able to stick photos between paragraphs or attach files you want to share?


    • reinkefj says:

      I use about 300 keyboard macros to speed my typing. Like [g expands to Gooferment and [jj expands to Jasper Jottings. Profanity is automagically replaced. Jargon too. As well as, — awa — all sorts of stuff. I miss it at work and on the iPads. Argh!!!


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