INTERESTING: Is the inet “catalog buying” of yesteryear?

It occurs me that in the old days, folk sat at home far from the store and ordered from the Sear’s catalog and waited for it to arrive. Is that the same as today’s “order via the inet”?

Not sure if “inet ordering” is such a new meme.

(See what happens when you can’t sleep? You ponder the trivial.)

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One Response to INTERESTING: Is the inet “catalog buying” of yesteryear?

  1. John, the only thing new about it is that the government has now learned it can ignore Constitutional restrictions on interstate taxation. They were able to get away with it for cigarettes — even, I believe, applying taxes retroactively for up to seven years to hit people with unexpected multi-thousand dollar tax bills payable immediately — and now they’re looking to spread the joy to everyone else as well.

    If you’ve been buying a lot of gifts for the grandkids this century you better have some money set aside.

    – Michael


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