OBSERVATION: WalMartians; their behaviors


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“Lord, if it’s Your Will, please don’t let me screw up the reading or do something else dumb. If it is You Will that I do that or worse, please make it BIG, so Amy can win Big Bucks on Americas Funniest Videos. … But if there has to be a screw up, I will happily cede that “honor” to her (wonderful?) Dad, my “Older” friend. … ROFL! … Dona Nobis Pacem.

p.s., Amy Dandola Amy, stop playing on Facebook, and get going.

p.p.s., Thanks for picking a hotel next to WalMart. Been for my morning “walk”. It was empty. How kool to wander the aisles. But have to report that a fellow WalMartian, while browsing on one side of an aisle rack (thus blocking that path) had left her cart !across! the other side of the aisle. Thus effectively blocking the aisle. I the spirit of your Day, I said an “Irish prayer” and detoured. It must be genetic to WalMartians?

*** end quote ***

Maybe that’s my next book: “WalMartians; their meme, paradigms, and behaviors”!!!

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2 Responses to OBSERVATION: WalMartians; their behaviors

  1. frenchync says:

    Bring your camera along with you and walk inside now and then…you will become (more) rich!

  2. frenchync says:

    Bring your camera and walk in now and then…you might get rich (some more)!


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