POLITICAL: The Duopoly scam


The Political Party Illusion
by Jeff Thomas
International Man

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As stated above, the main difference between the feudal system of five hundred years ago and the feudal system that is developing in the First World today is that the packaging is more sophisticated. Instead of having identifiable kings whom we may all hate, we have the distraction of two political teams that we may “choose” between. While we praise the good guys (our preferred political party) and hope that they will vanquish the bad guys (the opposing political party), they are in fact one and the same, and they both work for the kings.

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It’s the same coin. Just two different sides. When will “We, The Sheeple” recognize the scam.


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One Response to POLITICAL: The Duopoly scam

  1. Ironic says:

    Everyone who knows of these truths like to talk badly about the people who don’t see these things, the “The Sheeple” What about the people who do see them? Why don’t they do something about it, instead of calling others ignorant. Why not tell others, so they might know. Even people that do educate, Alex Jones, James Marrs etc. They never instruct what can be done to fix what has been broken.


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