JOBSEARCH: More confirmation that the concept of a “job” has changed forever

Executive Summary

* Many of today’s current job positions will vanish as the debt that has made them possible retraces

* Future demand for work will come from non-financial sectors

* Cost management will re-assert it’s importance on par with income growth

* Non-market and hybrid work models will grow to employ many more people than they do now

* Participation in social and capital networks (both physical and virtual) will become increasingly valuable

*** end quote ***

This goes along with, or at least concurs, that the meme of a “job” has forever changed. Not necessarily for the good. No memo has been issued — “Attention Kmart shoppers; the metaphor is changing. Please adjust your paradigms and meme. Failure to do so will cause unnecessary pain.” Argh! I know, in at least one case, where imho the parents are steering their child into the old meme (i.e., seek lifetime employment with steady salary, benefits, and pension). OTOH I know another parent that is raising “entrepreneurial” children. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong. But it certainly seems that fmpov one can. YMMV, fjohn

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