INSPIRATIONAL: The death of somebody close to you

5 Ways to Cope During a Life Crisis
Written by Paul Browning
Categories: self improvement

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One of the great things about a life crisis is you get to find out what works. When life is easy and no major challenges are on the horizon, you can read all about affirmations, pray, meditate, firewalk or just read self-help manuals written by big-name gurus. Then life throws you a major health challenge, the end of a relationship, the death of somebody close to you and an unexpected job loss. Now what?

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The center is the core of YOU, where you sense all your feelings and experience your emotions.

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I’m not so sure that these tactics work for me.

Can’t hurt to try them.

I’ve never had a unique center in forty years. Hard to figure out where it is.

It’s easier to go back to bed. :-) Or blog, That’s the same thing.

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