JOBSEARCH: LinkedIn “rot”

What do you do when folks drift away? Their LinkedIn account is attached to a bouncing email. None of the mutual contacts know what happened. Strange? And, it’s happened more than once but less than a dozen. Social Networking version of PTSD?

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Add to the “rules”: Don’t accept a LinkedIn connection when someone is not using their own domain email account. Not an employer. Not yahoo, hotmail, or gmail.


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One Response to JOBSEARCH: LinkedIn “rot”

  1. Scott Silvay says:

    I suspect at least a couple of drop off’s have either found employment and have a false sense of security that they don’t need linked in anymore, or have become so disilliousioned that they have disconnected from social media. Perhaps those who are employed and have been for quite some time can’t see the value since it’s become a site for job seekers to network. It’s an interesting dynamic as groups evolve, that some of the most ardent users in the beginning become marginalized as the group evolves.


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