LIBERTY: The Gooferment can’t do anything right!

Private Enterprise Does It Better
Why freedom and responsibility triumph over regulation and central planning
John Stossel | August 5, 2010

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In Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity, I bet my readers $1,000 that they couldn’t name one thing that government does better than the private sector.

I am yet to pay.

Free enterprise does everything better.

Why? Because if private companies don’t do things efficiently, they lose money and die. Unlike government, they cannot compel payment through the power to tax.

Even when a private company operates a public facility under contract to government, it must perform. If it doesn’t, it will be “fired”—its contract won’t be renewed. Government is never fired.

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I can’t think of a single thing it does well?

Even if I could think of something it accomplishes, then we have to examine that “accomplishment” under the dual lens of effectiveness and efficiency.

I think the Gooferment is sadly lacking. Whatever it attempt to do, it screws it up.

It’s all rooted in the concept that it can initiate force in our name on others. Once that mistake is made, all it’s efforts are poisoned.

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