SERVICE: Google Voice for ICE

Create a Better Emergency Contact Number with Google Voice

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A lot of us have more than one Google account (in fact, Google just launched a new feature specifically for multiple account owners), so the idea would be that you set up one of your non-primary accounts with Google Voice, then make that number, when called, ring everyone you’d consider an emergency contact—maybe your significant other, your parents, your sister.

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I’ll try it.

My samsung phone displays “ice calling” when any of the three people I have listed call or texts me. It’s confusing.

We’ll see it it works.

I have a “spare” GV#. So what I’ll have to do is to schedule the authentication with my four ice (f,p,m,w) contacts and my four home (mc, ec, h, s). So, when some one call ICE it’ll ring all of them. That’s a real E!

First limit. You can only forward to six phones. And, each of the numbers has to be validated.

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