RANT: End Gooferment “public education” … … now!


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We’ve done a remarkable amount of damage to public education in recent years, because we insist on elevating tests and degrading our teachers. It is a shame and we will pay dearly for it in the future.

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But don’t you see that the problem is the whole concept of “public education”? Do you buy shoes in one size fits all? Even more on point, do you let Anonymous pick your shoes and tell me to pay for them? Of course not. That’s silly, fjohn.

Isn’t it just a silly for you to entrust your legacy, your children, to be taught what Anonymous thinks is important and tell me I have to pay for it?

That’s why we fight over schools. They are immoral (e.g., teaching someone’s kids stuff they don’t agree with; stealing wealth form others to pay for it). They are ineffective (e.g., children “graduate” who are illiterate or worse). They are inefficient (e.g., they waste money in gobs; don’t deliver it where it’s needed; create cannon fodder factory workers to be led byt he elite).

Stop “public education”, charter schools, vouchers, and all that “barbara streisand”. Return the responsibility for education to the parents. They made the decision to have children, they are responsile; not me!

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