GOVEROTRAGEOUS: How stupid are the people in Gooferment?

Posted on Wed, Jul. 14, 2010
Man posts bail with counterfeit bills
By Peter Mucha Inquirer Staff Writer

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Most people post bail to stay out of jail.

Not to risk a lot more time there.

According to Cinnaminson Police, a Camden man included counterfeit $20 bills while paying his $400 bail on July 7.

Lousy counterfeit $20s.

Run off on a color copier, apparently.

“They’re pretty poor. I didn’t have to touch them and I knew they were bad,” said Detective Sgt. William K. Covert.

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But the funniest part of the story is that the Gooferment TOOK them. It wasn’t until later that they realized they we counterfeit.


How stupid are the people in Gooferment?

Obviously as stupid as the guy passing the fake bills.

Having gotten away with it. And, after all, how are they going to PROVE that he gave them the bogus bills? He returns with more of them in his possession.

Dumb criminals and dumb Gooferment bureaucrats.

Is this dumb and dumber?

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