INTERESTING: Write your own obit

One thing that I have learned form reading all the old Jaspers’ obits is that you should write your own.

You should have your own “doomsday book”. It will come eventually to all of us. The financial writer all advocate having all your details in one place for your executor to access. Passwords as well.

I’ll have to start working on mine.

What color should it be?

Black? Nah, too somber. Inside I was a barrel of fun.

White? Nah, too pure. I certainly wasn’t that.

Pink? Nah, too gay. Not me.

Blue? Nah, too stodgy. That’s not the fun loving guy I was.

Paisley? Nah, too frivolous for a serious topic. I was always serious.

Guess it will be a recycled Green. For Jaspers. And, cheap. I was never cheap except in my old age.

Now where did I put my “treasure chest”. All I need is the eye patch to match my scar.


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One Response to INTERESTING: Write your own obit

  1. John F says:

    Green for money.


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