GAMBLING: “Wheels” are not equally probably


Wheels are an inherently an “unfair gambling practice”.

You see the Big Wheel and you know that all the values are equally probable. The promise meets reality.

However on the Wheel of Fortune, and all the other slots where that’s a bonus, it’s not true.

The implication is that the results are all equally possible outcomes and they are not.

That’s deceptive.

And, should not be allowed or patronized.


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2 Responses to GAMBLING: “Wheels” are not equally probably

  1. reinkefj says:

    I am surprised for Nevada. They usually bend over backwards to ensure the gambler gets a fair shake. Gonna lose but you ain’t gonna get cheated. I think they missed this one!

  2. John F says:

    But “the big wheel keeps on turning!” LoL
    P.S. You have to be over 50 to understand.
    P.S.S. But I do agree with your comments! :-)


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