RANT: Sadly, this picture says it all



My Rx for our problems:

(1) End welfare. Corporate and private.

(2) End the “War on (some) Drugs”

(3) Bring our troops home. (From all 170+ countries!)

(4) End the Fed and return to sound commodity money.

(5) Repeal the Federal income, estate, and excise taxes.

(6) Close the Federal Department of Education, and a bunch more.

(7) Pass “Read The Bills”, “One Subject At Time”, and “Enumerated Powers Act”.

The that fellow in the picture would really have something to complain about!

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One Response to RANT: Sadly, this picture says it all

  1. G. William says:

    Many friends have emailed me this photo. Sad! But it’s a fact of our entitlement state of mind!


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