GOLDBUG: But who owns it?

Is There Gold in Fort Knox?
by Constance Gustke
Jan 20, 2010

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The reason Fort Knox will remain a mighty fortress, however, may come down to something Alan Greenspan once told Paul. When Paul asked the former Fed Chairman why the Fed hangs onto its hefty gold reserves, “Greenspan said ‘just in case we need it,’” says Paul. “You hold onto it because it’s the ultimate in money.”

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Yes, we should know what’s there. Otherwise, why are we paying to guard it? And, maybe we should be selling it to reduce the National Debt. Along with selling other things.

Do you think any one would buy Congress?

(That’s a trick question. We all know it’s bought and paid for already.)

More importantly, even if there’s gold in Fort Know, and possession is nine tenths, is it “ours”? Or has it been sold or mortgaged already?

We should know.

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