POLITICS: A disgusting reality


The View Hosts Fail to Grasp the Real Immorality of Planned Parenthood, Abortion
by Colleen Raezler
November 4, 2009

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ABC’s “View” host Barbara Walters brought up Johnson’s story, calling it “controversial” and Behar quickly denounced Planned Parenthood for making money off abortions. She called it “gross” and “obnoxious” before she stated, “I don’t see abortions as a profit-making industry. I think that is the real immorality of it.”

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Well, sometimes a stopped clock is right.

I find Joy’s unquestioning “liberalism” (as well as Elizabeth’s Republican Kool Aid), “unintelligible”.

Woopi usually is spot on most times.

In this case, everyone seems to look askance at profiting from killing whatever; they would debate what exactly was being killed. But we all in our hearts know what it is … a baby!

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