POLITICS: Presedential sensitivity?


Obamas’ night out: First WH anniversary
Posted October 3, 2009 10:15 PM

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That a simple date at a relatively modestly priced Washington restaurant to celebrate a wedding anniversary – the first for the first couple in the White House – could generate as much venom as it has in these e-pages (see the comments below) on a Sunday suggests something deeply troubling about the American mood.

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What’s the proper decorum for a President who that very day lost 8 AMericans in Afghanistan?

My understanding is that President Bush gave up golf so as not to appear uncaring. President Obama has been doing lots of things while “vacationing” and “politicking”, while troops were dying.

What is proper?

I still think that there should be politicians at each funeral. Maybe then the cost of their dilettante frivolity about “war” would be Rahm-ed home.

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