CORRUPTION: Shills for the gooferment shilling the party line

That Sinking GM Feeling
by Jim Davidson
Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

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Later he lies again, “So we’re putting our money where our mouth is.” No, you bastard, you stinking lackey of big government, you filthy thief, you aren’t. GM tried putting their money where their mouth is, and they lost. They went under. So now they are putting our money where their mouth is. He isn’t a nice old man, he’s an evil old liar.

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Absolutely correct.

This gooferment stooge ADMITTED he know nothing about cars. Didn’t do much for AT&T either. Guess he contributed big and get his reward.

Special place in eternity for all of them!

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One Response to CORRUPTION: Shills for the gooferment shilling the party line

  1. What do expect of someone who thinks the government is the answer to everything? But, you can’t blame the government. You have to blame the people who voted for it. We have delivered our own punishment. Pray to God we will be delivered from it.


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