POLITICAL: Dealing with NK


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wrong thinking on the right

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You knew this was going to happen — the right-wing can’t abide a Democratic success, especially when Bill Clinton is involved.

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Glad the young women are home. But what did it cost us? No one is saying that. If it was just sending Bill for a photo op, then maybe. If we have “caved”, maybe not. What were these women doing sneaking into North Korea? I’m glad they are home, but I’d like to understand the full cost. And, I’m neither “right”, “left”, or wrong. We may have endangered other Americans by being “weak”?

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2 Responses to POLITICAL: Dealing with NK

  1. John F says:

    Everyone is pleased that these women are back home and safe. But what did it cost us? The foreign policy of this administration is to deal from a position of weakness rather than strength. Some people were concerned that we weren’t ‘liked’ around the world. Being ‘liked’ is a sure path to insecurity at home…being ‘respected’ through a demonstration of strength provides safety for Americans. It will only be a matter of time before this administration’s policies create a true threat to the U.S. Half the nation tried to do something about it in Nov 2008…I hope we don’t have to have a “I told you so.”


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