POLITICAL: Can’t beleive anything a politician or his pr flaks report


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Obama observes Memorial Day at Arlington cemetery…


Subject: Pool report 5/25/09

POTUS is, reportedly, golfing with Marvin Nicholson. No actual glimpses of the presidential golf game. Aides say POTUS paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

*** end quote ***

Does anyone REALLY believe that?

I don’t!

Especially since he was out of sight.


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3 Responses to POLITICAL: Can’t beleive anything a politician or his pr flaks report

  1. John F says:

    Or gee, how about a stop by one of the thousands of tea parties, to hear what is on the people’s minds?

  2. DonnaC says:

    Based on your yardstick “watch what they do, not what they say” a golf game by POTUS on Memorial Day is way inappropriate. He could have filled his calendar with low-key “snap” visits to area VA hospitals, Walter Reade, military bases, cemeteries other than Arlington or even a snap trip to Iraq.

    • reinkefj says:

      Yup, I like that standard. Can’t be fooled by words.

      I was asserting that I just didn’t believe he stopped for a minute at 3PM. Conveniently out of sight of reporters.

      Sorry “smells”.

      Thanks for the reassurance and the even better idea that he should have been meeting with the department heads of a VA hospital asking what they needed to service the troops better.

      Your idea was much much better than mine.


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