POLITICAL: Signs of revolution from the little people


State of Revolution
Posted by Jack Hunter on March 23, 2009
The national movement for state sovereignty

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For now, states’ rights legislation promises to remain symbolic, unless actions by the Obama administration pushes state legislatures toward more radical methods of circumventing federal power—or high profile, mainstream conservatives finally rally the troops by promoting what could potentially be the most serious right-wing resistance against the state in recent memory. Given Conservatism Inc.‘s current track record, we’re likely to see much worse from Obama before we ever get anything useful out of them. And states’ rights-minded legislators, with no support from their national party or allegedly sympathetic “conservative” media, will be left to defend themselves and their constituents as little more than hyperbolic Confederate retreads, two steps from “shooting at the Park Service guys out at Fort Sumter” and one-step from the loony bin—for even daring to question the legitimacy of the omnipotent modern state.

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At some point, how does the “Third American Revolution” start?

Collapse of the dollar? Civil unrest? Non-violent non-cooperation? In the Jury Box? Tax revolt?

Or, does the slave merely set down their burden and refuse to pick it up.

Do the “rich” just throttle back on their earnings. Retire early. Or just “give up”?

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