PRODUCTIVITY: Play the Point, Not the Score

Play the Point, Not the Score

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Brad Gilbert – a great tennis player (and coach) in his own right – was one of the announcers for the finals. He annoyed me at first with his whispery affect until I realized that he was courtside. He completed redeemed himself when he uttered the line of the tournament: “Nadal is so incredible because he plays the point, not the score.”

Ponder that – Play the point, not the score.

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This is such a powerful metaphor for business (and life). Play the point, not the score. Down 4-1? Doesn’t matter – play the point. Just had someone quit on you. Doesn’t matter, play the point. Fell short of plan for the month of January – doesn’t matter – play the point. Just had a big deal go off the rails? Doesn’t matter – play the point.

When you are in the game, play the point. Play every point. Regardless of the score.

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Seems so simple. But, then most great ideas are.

The problem is that we are always in some game or another.

When does one pull out of the game and take stock. Assess where you are in life.

Like the famous Drew Carey quip … in his series Whose Line Is It … “and, the points don’t matter”


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