RANT: O’s inauguration and private jets


Story #8: Six Hundred Private Jets Land in DC for Inaugural

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RUSH: Now, while this is happening, while the balls for the average guy are being cancelled, from the Wall Street Journal: A record number of private jets landed in the Washington area for the inaugural. “At a time of financial crisis and Green correctness, many of the wealthy are choosing to arrive by private jet. According to an article in Bloomberg, as many as 600 private jets were expected to touch down in D.C. for the inauguration. The runway at Washington Dulles was closed Saturday to allow as many as 100 small planes to park. And the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said it expected a total of 500 small jets to land from Jan. 16 through Jan 21. ‘That would set a record, topping the 300 the airport accommodated for President George W. Bush’s 2004 inaugural,’ an Airports Authority says in the article.

Of course, flying private to a celebration of a populist, pro-environment President is a bit like the Detroit execs jetting to Washington for bailout money,” is it not?

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I like that last line.

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