RANT: OJ was punished for the last crime


O.J. Simpson and C.J. Stewart Sentenced
Updated: Dec 5, 2008 06:59 PM

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Former football great O.J. Simpson will spend anywhere from nine to 33 years in prison and his co-defendant, Clarence C.J. Stewart will spend 7.5 to 27 years for their roles in a Las Vegas armed robbery case.

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Sorry! This is a terrible result.

I’m no OJ fan.

I believe that the LA keystone kops muddied the DNA evidence and the jury righty said so.

In this case, I’m of the opinion that he didn’t get a fair trial. The Goldman’s in the court room “invited” the jury to punish him for what he “got away with”.

Sorry! I think he was railroaded.

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2 Responses to RANT: OJ was punished for the last crime

  1. John F says:

    BTW…this site needs some work. I forgot to key in my email address the first time I typed in a message…and it sent me to another screen that told me I had an error. I returned to enter my email address, and all my typed message was gone! Lame design, wouldn’t you say?

  2. John F says:

    But he killed his wife and Ron Goldman. He wasn’t tried for that in this latest trial (armed robbery and kidnapping which was accurate), but the fact that he got punished and is spending time in jail is a good thing. Someone who murders two people should not be out on the street.

    The ‘people’ got a raw deal on the first OJ trial, maybe it was his turn this time. What goes around comes around. Is there anybody who thinks he isn’t a double-murderer?


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