POLITICAL: Last night’s “debate”

We are in for a rough road!

Anyone remember Clinton’s promise to lower taxes? Who’s more likely to lower taxes? Certainly not O.

Anyone remember that corporations do NOT pay taxes? They just pass them along.

O, flat out, lied about Infantacide! Reminded me of Clinton parsing the word ‘is’!

McC will give us nuke power; just like France and the Navy. That’ll take us a long way to energy independence.

Doesn’t anyone else feel that O is an empty suit. The guy doesn’t have ANY qualifications. Zero! Of all them, only Palin has ever actually run anything!

Didn’t anyone find it humorous that O refers to Biden’s foreign policy experience? Is the ticket upside down?

Finally, it all boils dow to who do you trust. O with his Chicago corruption machine, some strange bedfellows, and the usual democratic special interests (i.e., tort lawyers, teacher’s union, assorted left wing loons). Or the cranky old guy from the last generation.

Both are socialists. Both won’t be able to do much. But, whose ‘much’ do you want.

Batten down your “financial hatches”. I think we are going to have another Carter.


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One Response to POLITICAL: Last night’s “debate”

  1. kestrel9000 says:

    Funny, when I lived in Bennington, all the idiots I knew were apolitical.
    Guess that’s changed.


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