RANT: ‘sassy’ – the toy industry’s euphemism for sexy



Spoilt Bratz
12:01am GMT 28/01/2007

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What Bratz dolls are both contributing to and feeding on is a culture in which girls play at being ‘sassy’ – the toy industry’s euphemism for sexy – and discard traditional toys at a younger age.

Toy marketers now invoke a phenomenon called KGOY – kids getting older younger – and talk about it as though it were a fact of life over which they have no control, rather than one which they have largely created.

Scothon says, ‘Kids are exposed to more things at earlier ages. Their scope of reference is wider. Their exposure to media is greater.’ Larian tells me, ‘Little girls are much more sophisticated now than they used to be.’

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Sadly noted.

Maybe I’m just an old fart — I use the descriptor FOWG often — but I see little girls dressed like sluts.

Sorry, it’s neither cute nor attractive. But then, I’m a FOWG!

Parents should be ashamed at what they have allowed to happen.



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2 Responses to RANT: ‘sassy’ – the toy industry’s euphemism for sexy

  1. […] I read FJohn’s post first thing this morning and it struck a nerve (not his post, but the article). The Post was RANT: ’sassy’ – the toy industry’s euphemism for sexy […]

  2. OH John,

    As a parent of an 8 year old girl (and to some extent the 10 year old boy), my wife and I feel like this is an ‘ever-vigilant’ battle against the stores, the schools, the commercials, and even some of the other parents.

    Our most particular of these is the “predator shorts” as we refer to them. You know the shorts that young girls where with wording on the rear end. Our high school cheerleaders have them as their warm ups, Tell me, what could be the possible use for these other than to get people to look at their rear ends. Needless to say not only does our daughter not wear them.

    Look, I’m all for grown women or men wearing pretty much anything they want, and as such I have never questioned what any adult wears, but one of my concerns is that before we complain that their are more people out there trying to ‘assault’ our children, we need to learn to quit making them targets!!

    Let the kids be Kids, Force your kids to be Kids, not miniature adults.

    Sorry for the RANT


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