TECH HARDWARE: Sitting on the back seat was a … …

Photo Clues Lead to Camera’s Owner
Jan 26, 4:43 AM (ET)

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At dusk on New Year’s Eve, Erika Gunderson got into a taxi in New York City and entered a digital-age mystery. Sitting on the back seat was a nice Canon digital camera. Gunderson asked the driver which previous passenger might have left it, but the cabbie didn’t seem to care. So Gunderson brought it home and showed it to her fiance, Brian Ascher. They decided that the only right thing to do was to find the owner.

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I won’t spoil the story by revealing the ending, but …

… why don’t electronic devices have a return address?

… why don’t all cell phones suggest an ICE (In Case of Emergency)?

… why don’t more people try harder like these folks?

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