TECHNOLOGY: kvetch about the firefighting technology

Land Socialism: Playing With Fire
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

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Next we turn to the government’s glorious fire fighting units. As with all government bureaucracies, they resist new technology. They don’t plan for and assess risks. They run around spraying water and chemicals on everything regardless of effectiveness or cost. But meanwhile, they crowd out private fire control efforts. They tell us to flee and then put an antique government bureaucracy in charge and expect us to be happy about it. Finally, when the disaster ends, the federal government dumps billions in aid as a way of placating us. This is an insane approach, or, rather, it is only a sane approach if the goal is to see civilization wiped out and meanwhile expand the state.

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Over, and above, the arguments about “liberty”, I do find some credence in the author’s kvetch about the fire fighting technology.

One would think that that there would be some significant progress in that area.

We know that the gooferment can’t do anything right and that if you throw enough money at something, something will happen.

So cost-effectiveness and technology advances require privitization.

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