FUN: Had my pic taken with Brenda Lee (who?)

Now before you say “who”, here’s her website.

Once I get a chance to scan it, I’ll share my photo and autograph.

You’d be hard presses to find a more gracious performer. She, after an hour plus of effort, more than I would have done, was happy to greet each one of her fans. Celine (“Sell anything” lean) Dion didn’t do that. And, she cost five or ten times what Brenda did. She was very genuine in her greeting of each person.

I call that the Pat Sajack school of grace. Truly amazing. And it was a hoot.

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Upon reflection, a joyful experience. I hope she gets all the Universe has in store for her. Good things come to good people. She made me laugh at myself. The fact, that Frau and friends were laughing at my chagrin, makes me smile today.

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