What will she do if you never told her? … She’d use the brains that God gave her!

The gummamint's (government) anti-drug commercials are often stupid, down right dumb, or occasionally iritating. Tonight I saw one of the especially stupid ones. Reminds me of something I first heard from my now deceased mother in law.

Picture this. Young girl walks to car. A shimmering mother commands "Say thank you" to the socially inept kid. She gets in. The ghostly mother demands "Fasten your seat belt!" to the dumb kid. She's offered drugs. Silence. A stage voice says "What will she do if you never told her?"

I can hear my mother in law saying in a loud irritated voice: "She'd use the brains that God gave her!" which was her favorite rejoinder for any especially dumb idea, stupid action, or disastrous results.

I miss her common sense. I think the government has too much of our money to waste like this.

It's nobody business when people make bad choices, suffer the consequences, and have to overcome the results. Maybe then people will learn to make better choices rather than have Mommy Government to "protect" them paying for it by robbing everyone.


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